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Photography Marketing Ideas That Will Get You More Clients

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Photography marketing can be a tricky, but essential part of running a photography business. So if you can take a decent photo and want to make money out of it.

The term ‘marketing’ can apply to so many different things, from paid adverts to casually exchanging business cards at a party.

There are many options for creating a clear marketing plan. Let us guide you through our top photography marketing ideas that will get you more clients.

Build a Relevant Portfolio of Images

You need a portfolio of relevant images to show potential ideal clients. But how can you build a portfolio without clients? This is where TFP work comes in.

What Is TFP?

TFP stands for Trade For Portfolio. It describes when creatives collectively get together for a photoshoot so that all involved parties have images for their portfolios. It’s a great way to create portfolio work that fits your ideal client.

TFP work is often seen in the fashion photography world and in the wedding industry. Here are our tips for seeking collaborations:

  • Portrait photography and fashion photography : This is for models seeking photographers who will take portfolio photos for them.
  • Wedding photography: Look for styled shoots set up between vendors (make-up artists, dressmakers, venues, etc) to bring together an elaborate scene that mimics a styled wedding.

PRO TIP: Be clear in your communication with all parties involved. Remember it’s a collaborative effort meant to benefit all. If someone else’s vision isn’t aligned with yours, move on to another candidate that fits your brand.

Partner with a Complementary Company

There are bound to be other businesses that share the same ideal client as you. It is a great photography marketing idea to team up with such local companies and create joint offers.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • If you offer family photography: Consider teaming up with a local kids’ clothing boutique to offer discounted services when clients use your services together.
  • If you offer wedding photography: Team up with a local cake-maker or bakery to offer clients a discount if they book you to photograph their wedding.

Aside from discounts, teaming up with a complementary business can also create referrals for you: the kids’ boutique owner will think of you when clients need a kids’ photo session, and the bakery owner will recommend you to couples looking for a wedding photographer.

Donate Your Time and Photography Skills

There are always organizations looking for free coverage of local events. Donating your time to local organizations or events can be fantastic photography marketing, but only if you do it strategically.

Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

  • Be strategic: Choose an organization that relates directly to your ideal clients or your brand. For example, if you photograph babies, try photographing an event for a neighborhood association, that will put you in contact with local families.
  • Make your terms clear: Communicate your needs clearly with the organizers. In exchange for your services, they may offer some form of advertising; a spot in the event program, an acknowledgment by the MC, or photo credits are all standard requests to consider.
  • Sell prints: You may be able to sell prints from events. If you’re documenting attendees, speak with the event organizers about the possibility of offering prints for sale.

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